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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Don’t use Free Software because it’s better; use it for your own security

  “In retrospect, something like the Snowden leaks had to happen at some point, but it would have been hard to foresee the actuality in 2013. Those leaks have had a significant effect on our community, making it clear that we are under attack, but also that we arguably have the best defense available against institutionalized surveillance. We have always known that closed-source software can act contrary to its users’ interests; now the wider world is learning that lesson as well. Free software, in the end, may have an important role to play in maintaining the freedom of our societies.”

— Jonathan Corbet

Although I use Free Software because it is often technologically superior, there are other reasons, as well.  With Free Software, you have a much higher assurance that you know what is actually going on with your computer.

It is well known that Apple, especially, has back doors into their products; how else are they able to access your system remotely to ‘fix problems’?

Remember Sony installing rootkits on people’s computers to monitor their music listening?

Do you really trust these companies with your secrets?

Then, on top of this, even if these companies are totally benign and altruistic, the fact remains that you have a *known back door into your system*.  Who’s to say that someone couldn’t exploit this for nefarious ends?