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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Virtualization on ARM with Fedora

I’ve uploaded an image for the ARM Chromebook that gives a running hardware-accelerate virtual machine (1) as well as the checksum (2).  All passwords are fedora

To run the virtual machine, run /home/virt/virt/Fedora-18-vexpress-xfce-armhfp/boot/boot-kvm as root.  It’s a Fedora 18 image.

Notes:  The kernel does not support usb 3 or wifi; it’s a just enough to get virt working kernel, not all the bells and whistles are built in.

Qemu is built from F20 srpms.  The kernel is patched to fix lpae on exynos5.  It uses a u-boot with hyp mode from Virtual Open Systems.