Crap Nullpointer Exceptions

This is the blog of John Dulaney, a hacker of Fedora, SCAdian, player of Music, blacksmith, sailor, and consumer of Bacon.


Day 0

Greg DeKoenigsberg picked me up on his way from Durham, as Fayetteville sits on the route.  On arrival at the hotel, I checked in and saw some Fedora shirts in the lobby.  After having a quick round with the mead I’d brought, I piled my junk in my room, and we all hit the Sticky Fingers up the street.

The Europeans decided to crash; seeing as they were pretty jetlagged, I couldn’t blame them.  I, however, went to the other hotel, and saw Kevin, Maria, Xavier, and Toshio.  We spent the evening catching up, eventually being joined by Jon Disnard.  The discussion turned to Fedora (of course) and tended to resolve around the dual topics of the Fedora Board and Fedora Women.  I also learned that my room mate, Nitesh, was among those suffering from Cancelled Flight Syndrome.

Day 1

The first day started with breakfast in the hotel.  I was disappointed by the lack of bacon, grits, and sweet tea.  The hotels were less than a mile from the school where the actual conference was held, so I walked every day.

The conference itself was kicked off by Robyn’s State of Fedora address.  What she said about working on Fedora out of love was true, at least for me.  I love Fedora, and pull all sorts of hours working on Fedora.  The first talk I attended was Kyle McMartin’s talk on porting Linux and the various Gotchas that can result.  One amusing example from one of the other attendees was a bug that caused all email read by qmail to dissapear without a trace into a black hole, but with qmail repoting in its logs that everything was perfect and dandy.  Despite the obviouse security of this arrangement (no one can read emails that are in a black hole), it was still not exactly a wanted feature.

After, I attended Jon Masters’ two ARM talks, then went to lunch with a whole crowd of Fedora folks.  After lunch I went to Toshio’s Python3 hackfest, where I learned a few useful tips on testing code for Python3 readiness.

I finished up the day’s sessions with Cristoph’s Alternative Desktops talk.  He informed me that Fluxbox does not count as a full alternative desktop.

That evening was the first party, during which I talked with Tim Flink some about my replacement for depcheck.  We’d had some confusion on what exactly was going on, but it is now straight.

Day 2

The morning keynote wound up being delayed by technical difficulties (a Debian laptop not doing the external monitor thing).  As a result, I had fifteen minutes to give my first talk, which I had planned to do in fourty five.  I did get to hit the major differences between virt on x86 and virt on ARM.  My second talk went much more smoothly, although I did find an error reporting bug.  Pretty much the rest of the day was spent doing QA-related stuff, starting out with Tim’s overview of where he wanted Taskbot to go.  This was followed by lunch with some of the QA crew with a few added folks, such as our FPL (and a former FPL).  After lunch, we discussed where Taskbot for a couple of hours, throwing out ideas for implimentation.

After the Taskbot hackfest, I attended the ARM hackfest, which, unfortunatelly, wound up being largely a discussion on which Red Hat folks would be getting which boards between three or four Red Hatters, leaving much of the room out.  This rather annoyed me, as I wound up wasting some valuable time (I could have gone with Joseph and Tim to work more on Taskbot).

Day 3

After the keynote on open source fonts, I met up with Tim and Joseph again to talk about QA stuff.  The first actual talk of the day I attended was the Ansible talk.  After lunch was more working on QA stuff, followed with poking around to see what sort of support for the Beaglebone Black exists in the upstream kernel.  The shindig that night was at the aquarium, and I got to see Fort Sumter (where the Late Unpleasantness began) with my own eyes, though at a distance.  I also took some time to check out a replica of the Hunley, the first submarine to ever sink a ship in combat.

Day 4

The biggest happening on the last day was the first-ever QA meeting in meat-space.  The first half was a discussion on ARM going primary from QA’s perspective.  The second was Visible Cloud, which means cloud images will require QA scrutiny.  Unfortuneatelly, I was not able to attend the second half due to my ride leaving.

All in all, it was a decent conference.  My biggest wish was that there had been more time dedicated to hackfests, since that’s Where Things Get Done.  I was not able to meet up with Kyle McMartin as I had hoped, so some llvm and kernel stuff didn’t get done.

Looking forwards to Flock next year!


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