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Monthly Archives: June 2013

South East Linux Fest Wrapup

South East Linux Fest was this past weekend in Charlotte.  The drive there was horrific; most of the way from Cameron to Albemarle I was stuck behind this loony that couldn’t decide if he wanted to drive ten over or fifteen under the speed limit.  It was also pouring down rain, and my driver’s side window got stuck down.  I also heard a horrific grinding sound just after I’d got into Albemarle and had passed the aforementioned looser.  A quart of transmission fluid solved that.

Anyway, once I made it to the hotel and checked in, I met up with Chris Lumens, his wife, and Samantha, one of the newer additions to the Anaconda team.  Later, I met up with Justin O’Brien and eventually Deb Nicholson and a few others and hung out for a while.

Friday morning, I attended David Cantrell’s talk on Anaconda’s new UI, followed by a talk I thought would be on virtual networking, but was actually about another hyporvisor/vm manager.  After that, Ben showed up with the booth components and I helped him set it up.  I stayed there until we called it a day around 6 PM.  Dinner was followed by a round of Cards Against Humanity with Spot, Suehle, and a bunch of Slackware folks.  After an hour of attempted sleep, I awoke to hack on deptcheck mk 2, and wrote most of the actual dependency solver before finally getting to sleep at about 5:30 AM.

Saturday morning, I attended the keynote, and then manned the booth for most of the rest of the day.  During that time, I helped a couple of people out with setting up Fedora on the ARM Chromebook and built the 3.10rc5 kernel and gave it a whirl.  We closed up shop a little after 5 PM.

Saturday evening was productive in terms of talking to some Haskell folks about porting ghc to armv8.  The general conclusion was to see how well llvm supported the new arch, since it seems that ghc is going to be using llvm for its back end.

Sunday, I was at the booth from 9 AM to about 1 PM, when things wound down and we packed up.

All in all, a decent SELF.  I was glad to see folks I hadn’t seen in a while, and am looking forwards to next year.