Crap Nullpointer Exceptions

This is the blog of John Dulaney, a hacker of Fedora, SCAdian, player of Music, blacksmith, sailor, and consumer of Bacon.

First Day of FUDCon

First day of FUDCon is pretty close to over.   Today started out rather slow; I didn’t get down to breakfast until around 8:30.  I sat with Christoph Wickert, Adam Williamson, Peter Robinson, Tim Flink, and someone else who’s escaping me at the moment.

I kicked things off with the Infrastructure hackfest.  After two hours of that, it was time for lunch, although I didn’t eat anything.  This afternoon, I went to Paul Frield’s Drupal workshop, followed by figuring out where to start working on AutoQA self testing.  After that, I failed a test.  Since then I’ve been sitting in front of the fire place drinking Tatica’s wonderful rum, talking, and hacking AutoQA.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, for sure.


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