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Monthly Archives: January 2012

FUDCon wrapup

So, I like wraps.  Beefy miracles are also good (and I got some Beefy Miracle on my whit FUDCon shirt Saturday).  Solution?  Put Beefy Miracles in wraps.

Anyway, Saturday was Barcamp Day.  After the group photo, barcamp proposals/voting was Jared’s speech.  His message was essentially that Fedora is strong and that we need to keep going.  My first barcamp of the day was on Boxgrinder.  Boxgrinder makes automated VM creation easy, something useful for upcoming AutoQA tasks.  During lunch, I had the aforementioned Beefy Mishap.  Afterwards, I went to the Fedora ARM barcamp.  I’ll be honest, it was not entirely motivated by my desire to learn more about Fedora on ARM; they were giving away hardware.  Those of us that wanted some lined up and gave pitches as to why we should get it.  Mine was simple:  I said, “I’m QA.”  Besides Adam Williamson firing me a couple of times, things went well.  I got a few very basic ideas as to where the ARM project is going and what sort of things us QA folks will need to be doing.

After that, I went to see what the Sys Admin Study Group was up to, and sat in there for an hour and hacked.  After that was the State of the Fedora Kernel address.  As I had fairly gathered, there really isn’t anything earth shattering that has taken place in the kernel recently besides the version change.  I wish the clustering barcamp had been the hour before, since I’d have liked to have attended both.  Alas, I’ll ping the barcamp owner.  The last session was Sandro’s QA session.  I went to help him out with that, and things went well, with lots of questions asked and the process explained rather well.

Fudpub was awesome.  One dude I bowled against bowled a higher score than everyone else on the lane combined, but it was still fun.  The food was good, even if the beer selection was a bit lacking.

After Fudpub, I went through a couple of Poker games.  The first I won, the second I lost, twice.  After the second loss, it was time to go horizontal.

Sunday was spent with the Anaconda team’s hackfest.  We hashed out some ideas for testing the new UI and I put in my two cents here and there.  If there is one tiny thing about the new UI you don’t like, that’s probably a result of my input, so blame me.

Sunday afternoon I rode with Will Cohen and Greg DeKoenigsberg.  We took a back road for the first forty miles.  Winding through the mountains of western Virginia with snow on the ground was an awesome sight.  We arrived in Raleigh early enough for me to catch the 7:00 Greyhound back to Fayetteville so that I wouldn’t have to sit around until 11 PM.

Overall, I’m glad I went.  I got a fair bit of work done and learned a lot that is pertinent to my future goals within the Project.  It was nice meeting up with folks I already knew and meeting others face-to-face for the first time.


First Day of FUDCon

First day of FUDCon is pretty close to over.   Today started out rather slow; I didn’t get down to breakfast until around 8:30.  I sat with Christoph Wickert, Adam Williamson, Peter Robinson, Tim Flink, and someone else who’s escaping me at the moment.

I kicked things off with the Infrastructure hackfest.  After two hours of that, it was time for lunch, although I didn’t eat anything.  This afternoon, I went to Paul Frield’s Drupal workshop, followed by figuring out where to start working on AutoQA self testing.  After that, I failed a test.  Since then I’ve been sitting in front of the fire place drinking Tatica’s wonderful rum, talking, and hacking AutoQA.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, for sure.

FUDCon Blacksburg 2012 is nearly here!

Attention, people of Earth.  This is Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz …

Oh, wait.

Anyhow, in a couple of days I’ll start my great Fedora quest.  Hopefully I’ll roll a natural twenty and won’t have any issues in travel.  I will be riding with the amazing Andy Grimm and the great Will Cohen.

I plan to attend Paul Frield’s Drupal talk Friday as well as hosting an AutoQA hackfest.  The rest of Friday I plan to attend various hackfests and maybe do something to cloud things up.

Saturday will probably be very cloudy, as I can use all the knowledge I can get in that area.  It looks like there will be a bit of a QA barcamp at some point, and I may show up to that to mommick Sandro some.  Sunday will be largely taken by more QA stuff, especially the hackfest where we’ll be mucking about figuring out the best way to test the new Anaconda.

Well, that’s it.  I’ll let every go back to their visit from the Vogons.