Crap Nullpointer Exceptions

This is the blog of John Dulaney, a hacker of Fedora, SCAdian, player of Music, blacksmith, sailor, and consumer of Bacon.

Southeast Linux Fest So Far

Sitting here at the Fedora booth, explaining Harker’s Island English, installing KDE (/me is interested in what it looks like these days) and generally having an awesome time.  Earlier today and some of yesterday I attended some cloud sessions in anticipation of all the cloud stuff that will be coming out in Fedora 16.  I figure QA will be easier if I know a little bit about what all is going on.  Later on I intend to go to a talk on Advanced Regular Expression.

Hanging out with Sparks, Spot, Southern_Gentleman, jsmith, etc. has been tres interesting.  Last night’s burn party was pretty cool, too, especially the goings-on whilst DVD’s were burning.  Hanging with these folks and the exchange of knowledge that has resulted has been very, very good.

I plan to attend Spot’s talk on how we fail later on, and then afterwards party.

More later.


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